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Property and Applicaition

Grey Iron Castings

As Chinese professional casting supplier, we provide all grade Grey Iron casitngs per clients’ design.

The matearil cover Chinese iron grade HT100/150/HT200/HT250/HT300, Germany grade GG20/GG25/GG30/GG40, and American grade No 20 to No 60.

What is Grey Iron?

Grey iron, is also named as Gray Iron. It’s so called because of the color of the fracture face. it’s a metal grade with 1.5-4.3% carbon and 0.3-5% silicon plus manganese, Sulphur and phosphorus. It has low tensile strength but it’s easy to cast. And grey iron is the cheapest metal material too.

Gray iron castings have been produced since the sixth century B.C. During solidification, when the composition and cooling rate are appropriate, carbon will precipitate in the form of graphite flakes that are interconnected within each eutectic cell. The cooling rate of the iron casting while it solidifies plays a major role in the size and shape of the graphite flakes.

What is the grey iron casting made from?

Generally grey iron castings will be made from pig iron, but mostly it will be made from steel or iron scraps now because pig iron is little expensive. The additional alloy should be added when adopt steel scraps, especially the Carbon content. Another problem is the harmful alloy such as Chrome and Nickel should be controlled because some alloy steel will have those alloy.

How to produce Grey Iron Castings?

Sand Casting (Green Sand and Resin Sand)

Sand Casting is the most popular process for grey iron castings, green sand casting can produce small iron castings but resin sand casting can produce big size to several hundred tons.

 Lost Foam Casting

Lost Foam Casting is suitable for big requirement in small size, such as valve body and automobile parts. And sometime foam pattern will be used for resin sand casting for small order but big parts, it will save the wooden pattern cost.

Shell Casting

Shell Casitng is a good process for iron part, it can acheive better apperance and quality. it’s wide used for bulk production of small parts.  But its mold is little expensive.

Centrifugal Casting

Centrifugal casting only produces the round shape such as cast iron Soil pipe and fittings, EN877/ISO6594, ASTM A888

Investment Casting

Only some special designed iron castings will be made by investment casting because investment casting is really terrible expensive. Investment Casting can acheive the best dimension tolerance, it can save the machining cost.

Cylinder block by Rapid Prototyping Casting
From parts to CAD

Why choose Grey Iron as material?

  • Good melting property.

Grey iron can be melt in low temperature around 1500 ℃, and melted grey iron has very good liquid property, it means that grey iron casting can be designed as thin thickness 4.0mm only, but ductile iron will be difficult for 4mm thickness wall.

  • Cheap material.

Grey iron is the cheapest material in all metal grade. It’s widely used in many usual application, such as Fence, solid pipe, lathe bed and others.

  • Good property.

Grey/Gray Iron tensile strength normally ranges from 20,000 to 60,000 lb/in2 and is a function of chemistry, graphite morphology, and matrix microstructure. And yield strength or elongation is not normally required in Standard.

The most important property is that grey iron is very stable, it’s a good property for lathe bed and press machine body, and it also widely used as guide rail for lathe.

Grey iron also have good corrosion resistance property, it’s suitable for sewer system which don’t have pressure, such as EN877 soil pipe, gully grating.

Common Grey Iron Grades

CountryGrey Iron Grade
USANO.60NO.50NO.45NO.35/ NO.40NO.30NO.25NO.20

The Application for Grey Iron Casting

  • Soil pipe and fittings, EN877/ISO6594, ASTM A888
  • Lathe bed, press machine body
  • Fence fittings
  • Counterweight for elevator and forklift
  • Pump casing and impellers
  • Valve body/disc, butterfly valve, gate valve, strainer and etc.
  • Automobile industry,
  • Gearbox casing/body
  • Gully grating
  • Others industry doesn’t need elongation and yield strength.

How to Purchase Grey Iron Casting?

Drawing is necesary, such as 3D drawing and CAD drawing. 

3D drawings can be IGS/STEP. CAD can be AutoCAD/PDF documents.

If no drawings or design, send us the phicical sample, our 3D Scanner can get 3D drawings from sample.

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