February 10, 2010

Cast Iron Manhole Cover

Mothed: Sand Casting, Green Sand Casting or Resin Sand Casitng

Material: Cast Ductile Iron, Cast Gray Iron.

Standards: En124


En 124 A15KN test loadAreas which can be used by pedestruabs and pedal cylists
En 124 B125KN test loadFor use in footways, car parks and parking decks.
En 124 C250KN test loadFor guly tops & manhole cover in the area of kerbside channels(Max 500mm into carriageway and max 200mm into footway)
En 124 D400kN test loadCarriageways of road, hard shoulders and parking areas, roads for alltypes of vehicies.
En 124 E600KN test loadAreas imposing high wheel load, e.g. docks, aircraft pavements
En 124 F900KN test loadAreas imposing particularty high wheel load, e.g. docks aircraft pavements.

Manhole covers (sometimes known as inspection covers) are the metal covers that are used to cover over large or small holes created in the road surface to gain access to the equipment underneath.

Manhole Cover

Manhole Cover
Grey Cast Iron Castings
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