3D Scanning Service

3D scanning is very important machining process in OEM industry, sometime our client only have the physical products but no drawings, then 3D scanner will convert the physical objects into precise digital models in computer. It’s enable you to quickly and accurately capture the details of product. This process bring design engineer with a complete digital representation of part to be used for reverse engineering, quality inspection or at any point of a typical manufacturing cycle.

3D scanning technology can provide customers with:

  • Fast, ultra-accurate results, reducing your time to market (saving you time and money!)
  • Complete measurement data of the entire surface of your object, verifying that the as-built part matches your CAD model
  • True CAD models for FEA testing of actual geometry to correct problems before parts go into production
  • CAD models to validate tooling, even when no current models exist
  • Profile data of the whole part so assemblies can be digitally put together, revealing inaccuracies and interferences

The Process of Reverse Engineering

Capture 3D

  • Scan Data.
  • 3D Drawings
  • Conceptual Drawing
  • Conceptual 3D Models.
  • Physical Measurements

Process 2D/3D Data

  • Aline Scans.
  • Convert Point data to Mesh/Surface Data
  • Edit/Modify Data
  • Capture Design Intent from manufactured castings.
  • Convert 2D drawing to 3D Model

Design Modification

  • Modify and Improve existing 3D CAD geometry.
  • Creat solid geometry

Inspection, Analysis or Export

  • Inspection CAD against scan data.
  • First sample inspection.
  • Export for 3D printing process

We Offers high quality 3D scanning services for a wide variety of applications. We have a complete tool set for turning raw 3D scan data into high quality Solid models. Following Processes we are doing.

  • Reverse engineering services
  • 3D inspection & Quality control services
  • Surfacing modelling & solid modelling
  • Product design services

Stainless Steel Pump Impeller

Stainless Steel impellers for pump industry, made by investment casting process with CNC machining and balancing. The casting material can be CF8M/CF3M/CF8/CF3/CA15/SS2205

Stainless Steel Casting Cover

Stainless Steel Cover Casting, investment casting process, stainless steel casting with CNC machining.

Stainless Steel Casting-Cap

Stainless Steel Casting – Cap, made by investment casting, the casting has good dimension and gap shaps in castings. stianless steel 304/316 is popular for casting

Stainless Steel Ring Gear Casting

Star ring gear require precision gear teeth, investment casting is a good process to get a precision tolerance gear castings, its metal can be stainles steel casting or carbon steel casting or alloy steel casting.

Stainless Steel Water Meter Casting

Stainless Steel water flow meter Casting for measuring water flow. Casted Stainless Steel 304 or 316 or 201, made by investment casting process.

Austenitic Stainless Steel Casting

Austenitic Stainless Steel castings include: stainless steel CF8M, stainless steel SS316, stainless steel CF8, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 304L(CF3), stainless steel steel 316L (CF3M)

316 Stainless Steel Castings

Stainless steel castings, stainless steel valve body, SS316 is same as CF8M.

Stainless Steel Precision Casting

Stainless Steel Precision Casting, pump volute castings.

304 Stainless Steel Casting

304 Stainless Steel Casting, Pump Impeller casting, investment casting or sand casting, lost wax precision casting process.

Stainless Steel CF8M (SS316)

Stainless Steel CF8M in ASTM A351 and ASTM A743 and ASTM A744 standard.

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