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Stainless Steel Casting

As a professional casting manufacturer, CASTING QUALITY provide all stainless steel grade castings. The small stainless steel castings can be made by INVESTMENT CASTING, and the big castings will be made by sand casting. CNC Machining service is available too.

What Is Stainless Steel Casting?

Stainless steel castings is distinguished with carbon steel castings or iron castings. Stainless steel is a good metal with high strength and high resistance property, the popular stainless steel are SS304 or SS316 grade.
When we pouring melted stainless steel in mold, one stainless steel casting will be archived.

Casting is a basis manufacture process, it can produce most design into physical casting.

Why Choose Stainless Steel Castings?

Stainless steel has better anticorrosion property than carbon steel, stainless steel casting are widely used in food industry, pump industry, pipe fittings and automobile industry, especially some high grade stainless steel castings such as duplex stainless steel castings are used in ocean industry.

The rust is major problems in metal part, carbon steel will be rusted much several year later. Stainless steel casting will solve this problem. The different stainless steel castings will be choiced based on application. For example, food industry will choose stainless steel 304(CF8), but ocean industry will choose stainless steel casting 316(CF8M) or SS316L(CF3M) or SS2205.

How to make Stainless Steel Casting?

In CASTING QUALITY, we provide three casting process for stainless steel castings:

  • Sand Casting
  • Investment Casting
  • Centrifugal Casting

Generally, Sand Casting can produce all stainless steel castings, but we will judge the process based on stainless steel casting design again, different casting process can save much cost for stainless steel casting parts.

Sand Casting is suitable for big castings, the unit weight will to several tons or  dozens of tons. Our maximum stainless steel casting can be 50 tons.

Investment Casting is good for small stainless steel castings, from 1 gram to 100 kgs, most popular stainless steel castings are from 50 gram to 10 kgs. Stainless steel castings by Investment casting is very expensive, it will have pretty appearance and accurate dimensions, and it save machining cost for buyers.

Centrifugal Casting only produce round stainless steel castings, such as pipe or round flanges. All high Chrome stainless steel pipe will be made by centrifugal casting process, it’s widely used in heating industry.

Can Stainless Steel be casted by Die Casting? 

No, stainless steel casting can be made by die casting. Stainless Steel has very high melting point, more than 1600℃~1750℃, the die will be melted too. Die casting only produce alloy such as aluminum or zinc or brass.

How to decide one casting process for stainless steel casting?

We will give some suggestion to our clients based on their casting design and final application. It’s the value of our existence, our jobs is to save cost for our clients.

Kindly send us your detailed casting drawings, machined drawings, we will service for you.

Which stainless steel casting grade can be casted?

In CASTING QUALITY, Stainless steel castings are avaliable as bellow:

  1. 1
    Austenitic Stainless Steel Casting

    The most Stainless Steel grade: SS304(CF8), SS316 (CF8M), SS304L(CF3), SS316L(CF3M)), SS310(CK20), SS309(CH20),SS317(CG8M), SS303(CF16F), SS347(CF8C) and others stainless steel castings per ASTM A743 and ASTM A351.

  2. 2
    Ferritic Stainless Steel Casting

    SS409, SS442(CB30), SS446 (CC50) per ASTM A743 or ASTM A351 casting standard.

  3. 3
    Martensitic Stainless Steel Casting

    SS410 (CA15), SS416, SS420, SS430 per ASTM A743 or ASTM A351 casting standard.

  4. 4
    Preciptiation Hardening Stainless Steel Casting

    Stainless Steel 17-4ph (SS630), 15-5PH per ASTM A747 casting standard

  5. 5
    Duplex Stailess Steel Casting

    Duplex Stainless Steel CE8MN (2A), CE3MN (SS2507), CD6MN, CD4MCuN, CD4MCu, CD3MN(SS2205), CD3MCuN, CD3MWCuN per ASTM A351 or ASTM A890 or ASTM A995

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Stainless Steel Castings

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