Machinery Fittings Casting

casting products for usage of machinery.

Stainless Steel Adapter Casting

Stainless steel Adapter is made by precision investment casting (silica sol lost wax) process, the detailed metal grade :  CF8/CF8M/CF3/CF3M etc. As expert in metal casting field, Casting Quality Industrial can provide most metal castings, include stainless steel and carbon steel, gray iron and ductile iron. Our manufacture process will be: Sand Casting Investment Casting […]

Investment Castings, Machinery Fittings Casting, Stainless Steel Castings

Conveyor Screw Component Casting

By Lost Foam Die Casting Method, converyer screw castings has material of carbon steel or corrosion resitant steel. Other castings such as flywheel and pulley also can be casted by sand casting method. Spiral Blades / Shaft and Spiral assemblies for Screw Conveyors, converyer impeller castings. Our manufacture processes: 1. Sand Casting, Resin Sand Casting […]

Machinery Fittings Casting

Glass Rollers

Bottom roller ( glass roller) mainly used for solid solution furnace and glass manufacturing line with the temperature 1050 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃ temperature zone. We use  centrifugal casting method to ensure a reliable thermal strength and corrosion properties of heat, according to user-supplied drawings and the use of temperature .

Machinery Fittings Casting

Radiant Tubes

Radiant tubes for heat system, include w type radiant tubes and u type radiant tubes. the pipe is make by centrifugal casting. Centrifugal Castings, with CNC machining and welding. Suitalbe non water cooler tunnel furnace rollers and anneal tower furnace roller, or water cooled tunnel furnace rollers.  Metal Industry: Steelworks: roller for slab casters. rollers for […]

Machinery Fittings Casting
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