Radiant Tubes

April 10, 2010

Radiant Tubes

Radiant tubes for heat system, include w type radiant tubes and u type radiant tubes. the pipe is make by centrifugal casting.

Centrifugal Castings, with CNC machining and welding.

Suitalbe non water cooler tunnel furnace rollers and anneal tower furnace roller, or water cooled tunnel furnace rollers.  Metal Industry:


  • roller for slab casters.
  • rollers for colil boxes.
  • special rollers for thin slab plants.
  • rollers for thin slab tunnel furnaces.

Rolling Mills

  • guides for tubes, profiles, round bars
  •  beams, columns and riders for walking beam and 1pusher type furnaces
  • upcoiler rollers
  •  exit table rollers and looper rollers for hot strip mills
  •  wrapper rollers
  •  special casting for preheating furnaces

Heat treatment and galvanizing

  • furnace rollers up to 59″(1500mm) O.D.
  • sink and stabilizing rolls
  •  roller arms, bushings and accessories
  •  cast snouts
  •  fan wheels
  • charge supports
  • casting for bell furnaces
Radiant Tubes

Radiant Tubes

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