October 21, 2010

Cast Iron Counterweight Casting

Counterweight  include Elevator Weihgts, forklift Weights, Stage Weights, Scaffold Weights, Pump Jack Weights, Door Weights, Test Weights, Crane Weights, Box Fabrication, Balast & Fill, Kits & Assemblies, Stack & Weld, Steel Fabrications & Weldments, Frame Weights, Marine Weights .

Balancing Counterweight

Balancing Counterweight

The material is mainly Grey Cast Iron, include GG20/GG25/HT150/HT200

Manufacture method is sand casting or lost foam casting ( V-PROCESS).

A counterweight is often used in traction lifts (elevators), cranes and funfair rides. In these applications, the expected load multiplied by the distance that load will be spaced from the central support (called the “tipping point”) must be equal to the counterweight’s mass times its distance from the tipping point in order to prevent over-balancing either side.

Machinery Fittings Casting
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