March 17, 2011

Guiding Device-Pump Spare Parts

Sand Casting process with CNC machining; Cast grey iron ( gray iron)  HT200/GG20/GG25  material; Pump Guiding Device Fittings with static balance, Paint protected

Pump Spare Parts- Guiding Device

Pump Spare Parts- Guiding Device

Pump Spare include pump body, pump impeller, pump guiding device, pump bracket,  pump adapter, pump cover and others.

Pump Spare parts’ material include gray iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, alloy steell and stainless steel.

Pump Spare Parts’ manufacture process: green sand casting, resin sand casting, investment casting, lost foam casting, precision casting and lost wax casting.

Some pump spare parts also need to be machined, especially static balance and dynamic balance.

These castings are used on centrifugal pump,  vacuum pump, water pumps, sewage pump, vertical pump, boiler feed pump, circulation pump,  and others.

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