Sand Castings

Resin and Green process for all metals

Valve Body

Method: Sand Casting with CNC machining Material: Ductile iron GGG40, Gray Iron GG25 Size from DN50 to DN600. Valve fittings include: butterfly valve body, gate valve body, check valve body, globle valve body, valve disc and valve bonnet, and so on.

Sand Castings

Ductile Iron Backup Ring

Material: Ductile Iron ASTM A536 45-12 Method: Sand Casting Surface: Red epoxy painting for DI flange. Ductile Iron Backup rings in sizes from 3” up to 36”,  flange standard is ASTM B16.5

Sand Castings

Cast Iron Fly Wheel

Sand Casting method, Material is cast iron include gray iron, ductile iron. Max unit weight can be reach 500kgs. we also make CNC machining based on buyers’ drawing.

Sand Castings

Mooring Chock

Sand Casting products, marrine fittings, material is cast carbon steel. Nondestructive inspection is choiced. Unit weight from 10kgs to 20tons.

Sand Castings

Sand Castings-Manhole Cover

Sand Castings with black paint. Mothed: Sand Casting, Green Sand Casting or Resin Sand Casitng Material: Cast Ductile Iron castings, Cast Gray Iron castings. Standards: En124

Sand Castings

Flying wheel castings

Method: Sand Casting whith CNC machining. Material: Carbon Steel Machinery parts, unit weight :106kgs Origin: China foundry

Sand Castings

Auto Parts

Method: Sand Casting, Resin Sand Casting Material: Gray Iron , Ductile Iron Good surface finish and strictly dimension control

Sand Castings

Casting Pump Body

Method: Sand Casting, Resin Sand Casting Material: Carbon Steel Casting, Ductile Iron Casting Pump body, pump impeller, pump cover and other fittings, we are mainly do sand casting, investment casting products. We also provide fastener, such as carbon steel bolt, nut and gasket.

Grey Cast Iron Castings, Pump Fittings Casting, Sand Castings

High Silicon Cast Iron Anode

Method: Resin Sand Casting Material: High Silicon Cast Iron This is a kind of product of cathode protection. Its theory is that connects the current of negative metal material or  alloy with the protected metal body, with the exhausting and dissolving of negative metal material or alloy, protective current is transfused to protected metal body, this […]

Grey Cast Iron Castings, Machinery Fittings Casting, Sand Castings
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