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Pyramid Mooring Anchor Castings

Sand Casting marine fittings, carbon steel castings material. China professional marine fittings supplier, we also make much inspections: magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, dimension report, chemistry component and mechanical property report. Pyramid mooring anchor is generally used in for fresh and salt water condition. Pyramid Anchors work well in a hard, rocky or sandy bottom. […]

Marine Fittings Casting

DIN EN 1561-1997 Grey Cast Iron

Grey Iron Specifications DIN EN1561. Compare GG serires with EN-JL grades. this material is suitable to sand casting production. Grey Cast iron is a casting alloy, iron and carbon based, the latter element being present mainly in the form of lamellar graphite particles. The properties of grey cast iron depend on the form and distribution of […]

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BS EN 877 Cast Iron Pipe and Fittings

BS EN877 Cast iron pipes and fittings, their joints and accessories for the evacuation of water from building. Requirements, test methods and quality assurance This European Standard applies to cast iron pipeline components used for the construction of discharge systems for buildings and of drains, normally as gravity systems.

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