August 26, 2010

Malleable Iron Fittings- Bushing

Malleable iron fittings, mateiral is malleable iron 300-6. Blacknsurface or hot dipped surface(white). Sand Casting with Machining.

Standard: EN 10242, DIN 2950

Material: malleable iron EN1562, ISO5922

Thread: ISO7/1

Size: 1/4″-4″

Malleable Iron Fittings Bushing

Malleable Iron Fittings Bushing

Fig NO.Name
90Elbows 90
90RReducing Elbows 90
130RReducing Tees
92Street Elbows 90
120Elbows 45
340Unions female & female,conical joint
340BUnions butt-welding conical joint
341Unions male & female,conical joint
331BUnions, butt-welding, with teflon gasket
330Unions,flat seat with teflon gasket
291Square Plugs
291HHexagon Plugs
241Hexagon Bushings
280Hexagon Nipples
245Reducing Hexagon Nipples
300Hexagon Caps
301Round Caps
240Reducing Socket banded
270Socket(Coupling) banded
270HHalf Socket (Coupling)
280HHose Nipple
310Lock Nuts
Malleable Iron Castings, Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings, Sand Castings
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