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ASTM A128 Steel Castings, Austenitic manganese

The material in A128 Standard is suitable to sand casting and investment casting method. Standard Specification for Steel Castings, Austenitic Manganese This specification covers Hadfield austenitic manganese steel castings and alloy modifications.

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ISO 3755-91 Cast Carbon Steels

This Standard material is suitable to sand casting and investment casting. ISO 3755:1991 Cast carbon steels for general engineering purposes This International Standard specifies requirements for eight grades of heat-treated cast carbon steels for general engineering purposes. Four of the grades have a restricted Chemical composition to ensure uniform weld-ability. 1.2 In cases where castings […]

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ASTM A217 Steel Castings, Martensitic Stainless and Alloy

Steel casting, sand casting, investment casting standard, ASTM A217 WC1,WC4,WC9,WC5,WC6,WC11,…. Abstract This specification covers steel castings, martensitic stainless steel and alloys steel castings for valves, flanges, fittings, and other pressure-containing parts intended primarily for high-temperature and corrosive service. The grades of steels covered here are: Grade WC1, Grade WC4, Grade WC5, Grade WC6, Grade WC9,

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Astm A216 Steel Castings, Carbon, …

This specification covers carbon steel castings for valves, flanges, fittings, or other pressure-containing parts for high-temperature service and of quality suitable for assembly with other castings or wrought-steel parts by fusion welding. Covered here are three grades of carbon steel (Grades WCA, WCB, and WCC), the selection of which shall depend on the design and […]

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