DIN 1693 Cast Iron with Nodular

December 5, 2009

DIN 1693 Cast Iron with Nodular

Cast Iron with Nodular Graphite Unalloyed and Low Alloy Grades – DIN 1693 Part 1:

Cast iron with nodular graphite (GGG) is an iron carbon casting material having the carbon component present as graphite which exists almost exclusively in a largely nodular form.

1. Properties and analysis

CSiMnCuP maxTensile
Yield point
GGG400.70403,5-42,30-2,800,3 max.0,05 max.42028015135-185Ferritic
GGG500.70503,5-3,82,20-2,600,5 max.0,05 max.5003507170-220Ferritic/Perlitic
GGG600.70603,4-3,602,00-2,500,30-0,800,20-0,800,05 max.6004003200-250Perlitic/Ferritic
GGG700.70703,20-3,401,80-2,400,30-0,800,20-0,800,05 max.7004502235-285Perlitic

Fly Wheel

Fly Wheel

The magnesium treatment for nodularisation is done through NiMg or through wire-injection of FeSiMg GGG 40.3 and GGG 35.3 guaranty impact values (14 Joules at -20°C)

2. Application

Machine parts for which the combination of good castibility and elasticity is required.

Pls download the standard of DIN 1693, The above chemistry component only for reference of foundry.


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