August 21, 2017

Duplex Stainless Steel CD3MN/SS2205

CD3MN is a Fe-Cr-Ni-Mo duplex stainless steel, with greater corrosive resistance than standard 18-8  Cr-Ni(SS304) and 18-14-2/18-14-3 Cr-Ni-Mo (SS316) stainless steel parts.

Casting Material Standard: ASTM A890/A995 Grade 4A; Type 22Cr-5Ni-Mo-N; Casting UNS J92205; ACI CD3MN; Wrought UNS S31803; Wrought grade SS2205

Chemical requirements:

Carbon, max 0.03;

Manganese, max 1.50

Stainless Steel 2205 Propeller

Stainless Steel 2205 Propeller

Silicon, max 1.00

Phosphorus, max 0.04

Sulfur, max 0.02

Chromium 21.0-23.5

Nickel 4.5-6.5

Molybdenum 2.5-3.5

Copper 1.00max

Nitrogen 0.10-0.30

Mechanical Property: Tensile Strength, min 90ksi [620Mpa]; Yield strength, min 60Ksi [415Mpa]; Elongation 25%


Heat treatment process: Heat to 2050°F [1120°C] minimum for sufficient time to heat casting uniformly to temperature and water quench, or the casting may be furnace cooled to 1850°F [1010°C] minimum, hold for 15 min minimum and then water quench.

Hardness: HB235

CD3MN is also named as SS2205 in market, which is probably the most recognized and widely used of the many duplex stainless steel.

SS2205 is used in pump industry, such as pump casing and pump impeller. And CD3MN won’t pit like regular stainless steel, has a better stress/corrosive cracking resistance than standard stainless, and higher strength than standard stainless steel. And compared with regular cast iron material, it is much more resistant to corrosion and much stronger.



  • Corrosion and pitting resistance
  • Better for abrasive applications
  • Higher strength than standard stainless steel
  • Improved ductility and weldability
  • Better resistance to embrittlement


  • Marine Industry.
  • Ocean Industry.
  • Valve and Pipe fittings


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