Wind Power Casting, EN-GJS-400-18LT ductile iron casting
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Ductile Iron Castings

As Chinese professional casting supplier, we provide all familar Ductile  Iron casitngs per clients’ design and drawings.

Ductile iron was invented in 1948 and patented by the International Nickel company.

What is Ductile Iron?

Ductile iron, also named as spheroidal graphite (SG) iron or nodular iron, because the graphite is in the form of small spheres or nodules. By adding magnesium to the molten metal under controlled condition, the graphite structure becomes spherical or nodular. Ductile iron is preferred since it’s also describes one of its characteristics, it show significant improvement of mechanical properties compared with gray iron.

What is the ductile iron casting made from?

Generally ductile iron castings will be made from pig iron, but to save the cost some pearlitic-ferritic ductile iron will be made from steel or iron scraps.

How to produce Ductile Iron Castings?

Sand Casting (Green Sand and Resin Sand)

Sand Casting is the most popular process for ductile iron castings. Green sand casting only can produce small ductile iron castings because the green sand will be not strong in big size. But resin sand casting can produce big size to several hundred tons.

Lost Foam Casting

Lost Foam Casting mainly produce ductile iron pipe and fittings, and now it also produces valve bodies and automobile parts. And sometime foam pattern will be used for resin sand casting for small order but big parts, it will save the wooden pattern cost.

Shell Casting

Shell casting is a good choice for big requirement with small size, it can acheive better apperance and quality. it’s wide used for bulk production of small parts.  But its mold is little expensive.

And shell casting also used to produce the core for sand casting.

Centrifugal Casting

Centrifugal casting only produces ductile iron pipe now, such as EN545/ISO2531/ISO9347.

Investment Casting

Only some special designed ductile iron castings will be made by investment casting because investment casting is really terrible expensive. Investment Casting can acheive the best dimension tolerance, it can save the machining cost.

ductile iron Gate Valve Body
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Why choose Ductile Iron as engineering material?

The ductile iron “bridged the gap” between grey iron and steel, it can offer the processing advantages of gray iron and combine the many of engineering advantages of steel.

Ductile iron VS Grey Iron

Ductile iron has similar processing advantages as gray iron: low melting point, good fluidity and castablility. But ductile iron has better mechanical property than gray iron, it has yield strength and elongation but grey iron doesn’t have it.

Ductile Iron VS Steel

The ductile iron has similar mechanical property as steel, – high strength, ductility and wear resistance. for example, ductile iron GG40 compared with carbon steel BS3100 A1, their property is similar, but ductile iron is cheaper much than steel. High grade pearlitic ductile iron can achieve very high tensile strength max to 900MPa.

Metal GradeTensile (MPa)Yield (MPa)Elongation (%)Chaprgy
DIN 1693 GGG4040025015
BS3100 A14302002227 J

Ductile iron EN-GJS-400-18LT has good property in low temperature, it’s impact resistance value is 12J at -20℃, this ductile iron is widely used in wind powder industry.

Ductile iron has low melting point, good fluidity and castablility characters.

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Ductile Iron Standards

ASTM A536: Standard Specification for Ductile Iron Castings

ASTM A897/897M: Standard Specification for Austempered Ductile Iron Castings

ASTM A439: Standard Specification for Austenitic Ductile Iron Castings

DIN 1693 part 1: Cast Iron with Nodular Graphite Unalloyed and Low Alloy Grades.

DIN 1693 Part 2: Cast Iron with Nodular Graphite Unalloyed and Low Alloy Grades Properties in Cast on Test Piece

BS EN 1563: Founding. Spheroidal graphite cast irons

SAE J434: Automotive Ductile (Nodular) Iron Castings

GB/T 1348: Spheroidal graphite iron castings

JIS G 5502: Spheroidal graphite iron castings

As 1831: Ductile Cast Iron

Ductile Iron Mechanical Property

Popular ductiel iron as below:

Casting GradeTensile Strength, minYield Strength, minElongation in 2in or 50mm, %, minUses
 psi,MPapsi MPa
A536 Gr 60-40-1860 00041440 00027618For maximum shock resistant parts
A536 Gr 65-45-1265 00044845 00031012Most widely used grade for normal service
A536 Gr 80-55-0680 00055255 0003796.0Suitable for flame and induction hardening
A536 Gr 100-70-03100 00068970 0004833.0Best combination of strength, ware resistance and surface hardening
A536 Gr 120-90-02120 00082790 0006212.0Max strength and wear resistance


Casting GradeTensile Strength, minYield Strength, minElongation in 2in or 50mm, %, min
 psi,Mpapsi Mpa
A536 Gr 60-42-1060 00041542 00029010
A536 Gr 70-50-0570 00048550 0003455
A536 Gr 80-60-0380 00055560 0004153


GradeGuaranteed Properties from separately partsReference data
SymbolMaterial NumberTensile Strength, N/mm2, min0,2% proof Strength, N/mm2, minElongation %, minStructure
GGG-400.704040025015Predominantly Ferritic
GGG-700.70707004402Predominantly pearlitic


Ductile Iron Grade Comparison


IndexCountryDuctile Iron Grade


The Application for Ductile Iron Casting

  • Ductile iron pipe and fittings for water industry
  • Machinery parts. Automobile industry, Gear, Turbine industry
  • Building industry
  • Pump casing
  • Valve body/disc, butterfly valve, gate valve, strainer and etc.
  • Manhole cover

How to Purchase Ductile Iron Casting?

Drawing is necesary, such as 3D drawing and CAD drawing. 

3D drawings can be IGS/STEP. CAD can be AutoCAD/PDF documents.

If no drawings or design, send us the phicical sample, our 3D Scanner can get 3D drawings from sample.

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