Monthly Archives: February 2010

Cast Iron Automobile Part

Method: Sand Casting Material: Gray Iron, Ductile Iron A drum brake is a brake in which the friction is caused by a set of shoes or pads that press against the inner surface of a rotating drum. The drum is connected to a rotating wheel. Brake drum castings are made up of S.G. cast iron […]

Grey Cast Iron Castings

Hot Dipped Flange

Method: Investment casting Material: Carbon Steel castings, 230-450 Hot dipped. Weight: 1.30kgs. Investment casting products. Our manufacture processes: 1. Sand Casting, Resin Sand Casting 2. Investment Casting, Lost Wax Casting or Precision Casting 3. Lost foam casting 4. Die casting. 5. Permanent Casting. 6. CNC Machining.   The material included:  cast gray iron, ductile iron, […]

Machinery Fittings Casting
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