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TW type Pool Anchor

High holding power pool anchor, TW type. 1. Mechanical Property and Chemistry Analysis. 2. Magnetic Particle Testing 3. Penetrating Testing 4. Ultrasonic Testing 5. Radiographic Testing 6. Spectrometer  7. Certification: LR, DNV, ABS, BV, NK and GL.       NOMINAL WEIGHT(KG) A B C D E F 20 369 374 144 240 136 402 […]

Marine Fittings Casting

Bruce Anchor

Small bruce anchor mainly used for boats and fish ships, made by stainless steel or other good steels. The type from 1kg to 100kg.   Large Size are made by welded. NOMINAL WEIGHT(KG) A B C D E F 500 1827 1280 500 1303 606 2188 1500 2648 1854 723 1888 878 3172 3000 3409 2388 […]

Marine Fittings Casting

Delta Anchor

High Holding Power Delta Anchor, Welded type. High-grade manganese steel used in the construction of the Delta anchor gives it maximum tensile strength. Unique shank profile and ballasted tip make the Delta anchor self-launching. Low centre of gravity and selfrighting geometry ensure that the Delta anchor will set immediately

Marine Fittings Casting
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