August 15, 2013

Carbon Steel ASTM A216 WCB

WCB (UNS Code J03002) is covered by ASTM A216 standard, which specification covers carbon steel castings for valves, fittings, flanges and other pressure-containing parts for high temperature service and the quality required for assembly with other castings or wrought steel parts by fusion welding. These grades are all “cast” grades meaning they are made through “casting” which is a manufacturing process where a liquid material is poured into a mold and allowed to harden.

WCB Casting Methods in Casting Quality Industrial:

  • Sand Casting
  • Investment Casting (Lost Wax Casting, Precision Casting)
  • Shell Casting
  • Lost Foam Casting

Reference Casting Standards:
ASTM A216/a216M Standard Specification for Steel Castings, Carbon, Suitable for Fusion Welding for High Temperature Service

Valve Body Casting

Our Services

  1. Sand Casting

    Casting Quality focus on Metal Parts industry, we provide professional service in Metal Casting field.

    Sand Casting is a popular metal form method, are suitable for all materiel, such as grey iron, ductile iron, malleable iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze.

  2. Investment Casting

    also named as precision lost wax casting, mainly suitalbe for carbon steel and stainless steel parts. We also provide grey iron and ductile iron and aluminum and bronze parts by investment casting. It can achieve the best appearance with good tolerance

  3. Shell Casting

    Shell casting method is a good option to replace investment casting and sand casting. the quality is better than sand casting parts, suitable for bulk production.

  4. CNC Machining

    CNC Milling, CNC turning with 5 xix CNC center, we provide precision machining for all castings based on customers design drawings.

  5. CAD Design

    Mechanical Design service based on customers requirement, our software is Solidworks and AutoCAD.

  6. Tools/Mold Design

    Mould design and production will be served for metal casting ad plastic injection industry. Based on our more than 10 years experience, we supply professional molds for our customers in Europe and North American.

WCB Casting Chemical Requirements in ASTM A216:
Carbon: 0.30max
Manganese: 1.00 max
Silicon: 0.60 max
Sulfur: 0.045 max
Phosphorus: 0.040 max
Copper: 0.30 max
Nickel: 0.50 max
Chromium: 0.50 max
Molybdenum: 0.20 max
Vanadium: 0.03 max
All total of those specified residual elements 1.00max

WCB Casting Mechanical Property in ASTM A216:
Tensile Strength: 70-95ksi(485-655Mpa)
Yield Strength: 36ksi (250Mpa) min
Elongation in 2in. or 50mm: min 22.0%
Reduction of area: 35% min
Hardness: 137HB min.

WCB Casting Heat treatment process: generally, all castings need to be annealed at 890-910°C or normalization at 870-890°C.

Carbon Steel WCB Equivalent Grade:

  • Chinese casting standard: GB/T 12229 Grade WCB
  • ZG250-485
  • EN10213 Grade GP240GH/EN 1.0619
  • JIS G5151 Grade SCPH2
  • ASTM A105

WCB is also indicated in China standard of GB/T 12229 General Purpose Industrial Valve Specification of Carbon Steel Casting. The chemistry and mechanical property are same as A216 WCB. It is same as Chinese casting material of ZG250-485.

APPLICATIONS: WCB can’t be used over 1200°F [649°C]
Valve body, valve disc, valve bonnet.
Pump parts, impeller, housing
Pipe fittings, flanges.

WCB Casting Weldability:
WCB can be welded
Preheat Not required.

What means of WCB: 

“WCB” stands for “Wrought Carbon” with Grade B. Sometimes you can think “C” as casting.
there are 3 kinds of Grade A, B & C which define the ductility & tensile strength.
Grade B is having very good ductility & tensile strength as compare to Grade A & C.

What is the difference between WCB and ASTM A105?

ASMT A105 is for Standard Specification for Carbon Steel Forgings for Piping Applications. But ASTM A216 WCB is carbon steel for casting purpose. Those two material grades are similar.

Carbon Steel GradeASTM A216 WCBASTM A105
Carbon, max0.300.35
Manganese1.00, max0.60-1.05
Phosphorus, max0.040.035
Sulfur, max0.040.040
Silicon0.60, max0.10-0.35
Copper, max0.300.40
Nickel, max0.500.40
Chromium, max0.500.30
Molybdenum, max0.200.12
Vanadium, max0.030.08
Tensile Strength, min70-95 ksi (485-655MPa)70 ksi (485MPa)
Yield Strength, min36 ksi (250MPa)36 ksi (250MPa)
Elongation in 2in or 50mm22%30% for walls 5/16in or over in thickness
22% for round 2in gage length or smaller
18%-30% for strip
Reduction of area, min35%30%
Hardness137HB min187HB max

How to produce WCB carbon steel castings?

Based on our professionals, investment casting and sand casting can be done for WCB castings in Casting Quality Industrial. Moreover, we can also produce some WCB castings through shell casting and Lost Foam Casting.

The following form will give you more details.

Pls be kindly noted briefly that, in general, if you order
– smaller order for small parts, green sand casting is highly recommended;
– big parts, only resin sand casting is achievable/available;
– Sand casting can produce any type metal castings, but
— big quantities for small parts, we recommend Shell Casting rather than Sand Casting;
— big quantities for little big parts, we recommend lost foam Casting;
– small parts with good appearance/supreme quality, investment casting will be the only choice.

Casting MethodsSand CastingInvestment CastingShell CastingLost Foam Casting
Green SandResin SandWater GlassSilica Sol
Casting TypesAll designThe casting should be easy for mold designThe casting should be easy for mold design
Normal Size<1m>1m0.5-50kgs1g-20kgs0.5m0.5-1m
Max Size<1.5mAny<1.0m<0.5m<1.0m<5.0m
Weight Range<200kgsAny<100kgs<80kgs<100kgs<100kgs
AppearanceStandardExcellentSupremeBest perfectGoodgood
PriceCheapestCheapLittle expensiveExpensiveCheapLittle cheap
Mold CostAverageAverageCheapestcheapestExpensiveexpensive
Mold Production10 -14 days10-30 days7-10 days7-10 days20-30days20-30days
Sample timeSlowslowslowslowestFastFast
Order QuantitySand casting don’t care the order quantityAny quantity ordersbigger quantity preferred

How to purchase ASTM A216 WCB castings?

Drawings should be provided for any new enquires, maybe IGS/STEP and CAD/PDF files. If no drawings, we need good pictures to show the structure and major dimensions, and also need to know the unit weight for raw material accounting. Or you can send us the physical sample for 3D scanning, we will finish the design with FREE cost.

WCB Metal Castings

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