Aluminum by Lost Wax Investment Castings

June 12, 2018

Aluminum by Lost Wax Investment Castings

Aluminum casting through are mainly used in special industry such as  the International Space Station, satellites, diving suits, helicopters, motorcycle components, and both military and commercial electronics. It’s different with other methods (sand casting and die casting or permanent mold casting). Its thickness can meet 1.0mm, with high density. Of cause, aluminum is more expensive than other methods, but other casting method is difficult to meet the technology requirement in aerospace, military, electronics.

The is named as lost wax precision casting, but the sand shell is special, and the pouring method is special too, we name it as Vacuum Suction , it can achieve the best quality castings:

Aluminum Shell By Vacuum Investment Casting

Aluminum Shell By Vacuum


  1. Best Quality Castings, no pin hole, no airpore, no sand pore, no shrinkage defects.
  2. Metallurgical structure is good, Fine metallographic particles.
  3. The mechanical property is the best, high tensile and elongation. Better much than sand casting and other casting methods.
  4. Can make high strength, thin wall thickness and complex castings.
  5. suitable for bulk production.

But consider the cost of lost wax ,  Aluminum castings through Vacuum suction will be three or five times cost than permanent mold castings, it’s mainly adopted in special industry. It’s mold is little cheaper than permanent mold casting. The quality is better than rapid prototype method too.

To get a good price, Pls provide bellow information:

  • 3D drawing, such as IGS or STEP type.
  • CAD drawing or PDF drawing to show the tolerance.
  • Quantity. Very important for cost.

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