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Ductile Iron Casting

As a professional casting manufacturer, CASTING QUALITY provide all Ductile Iron grade castings. Big ductile iron castings should be made by resin sand casting process, but the small ductile iron casings will be made by green sand casting or shell casting, and investment casting is also available in our company.

Most ductile iron casting will be machined by CNC too.

What Is Ductile Iron Casting?

Stainless steel castings is distinguished with carbon steel castings or iron castings. Stainless steel is a good metal with high strength and high resistance property, the popular stainless steel are SS304 or SS316 grade.
When we pouring melted stainless steel in mold, one stainless steel casting will be archived.

Casting is a basis manufacture process, it can produce most design into physical casting.

How to make Ductile Iron Casting?

Ductile Iron casting can be made through those casting processes:

  • Green Sand Casting
  • Resin Sand Casting
  • Shell Casting
  • Lost Foam Casting
  • Investment Casting
  • Centrifugal Casting

Generally, Sand Casting is the most popular process for ductile iron castings. Green sand casting can make some small parts but the big ductile iron castings need resin sand casting only.

Shell casting is a good option for big quantity order, but this process is not suitable for big  size casting or complex ductile iron castings. Shell casting can get better appearance and tolerance than sand casting. The mold of shell casting is very expensive.

Lost Foam Casting now mainly produce ductile iron pipe fittings castings or valve parts, the size is bigger than shell casting, the ductile iron casting price of lost foam casting is very low, but the mold is very expensive. If the ductile iron casting order is very big, we recommend lost foam casting process for it. Of cause, some ductile iron casting design is not good for lost foam.

Gate Valve Body Casting, ductile iron casting

Gate Valve Body Casting


Centrifugal Casting only produce ductile iron pipes.

We also provide investment casing process for ductile iron casting parts, but don’t recommend it because the ductile iron casting will be very expensive in investment casting, it’s only suitable for some special ductile iron requirement.

How to decide one casting process for ductile iron casting?

We will give some suggestions to our clients based on their ductile iron casting design and final application, different process will get different casting quality and casting cost. Our jobs is to save MONEY for our clients, It’s the value of our existence.

Kindly send us your detailed casting drawings, machined drawings, we will help you to improve the casting design.

Which Ductile Iron casting grades serviced?

In CASTING QUALITY, Stainless steel castings are avaliable as bellow:

  1. 1
    ASTM A536 Ductile Iron Casting

    Gr 60-40-18, Gr 65-45-12, Gr 80-55-06, Gr 100-70-03, Gr 120-90-02,Gr 60-42-10,Gr 70-50-05,Gr 80-60-03

  2. 2
    DIN 1693 Ductile Iron Casting

    GGG40, GGG50, GGG60, GGG70, GGG80, GGG-35.3,GGG-40.3

  3. 3
    Austenitic Ductile Iron Casting

    A439 Type D-2 ,A439 Type D-2B ,A439 Type D-2C ,A439 Type D-3, A439 Type D-3A ,A439 Type D-4 ,A439 Type D-5 ,A439 Type D-5B, A439 Type D-5S

  4. 4
    ASTM A897 Austempered Ductile Iron Casting(ADI)

    A897 Gr. 110/70/11, Gr. 130/90/09, Gr. 150/110/07, Gr. 175/125/04, Gr 200/155/02, Gr 230/185/01

  5. 5
    SAE J434 Automotive Ductile Iron Casting

    SAE J434 D400 (D4018); D450(D4512); D500 (D5006); D550 (D5504); D700 (D7003); D800

  6. 6
    ISO Ductile Iron Casting

    En-GJS-400-15; En-GJS-400-18; En-GJS-450-10; En-GJS-500-7; En-GJS-600-3; En-GJS-700-2; En-GJS-800-2 En-GJS-900-2

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Ductile Iron Castings

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