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Mechanical Accessories Casting

Investment casting method by soluble glass process, Carbon steel castings, Chinese foundry.Soluble Glass process is more cheaper than sodium silicate shell process, but also can get a precision dimension. Generally, we use soluble glass method to make some carbon steel castings.

Machinery Fittings Casting

Cast Stainless Steel Flywheel

Investment casting with sodium silicate shell process, the flywheel have a excellent surface finish and presion dimensions. The casting material is stainless steel 304/CF8(1.4401). Other stainless steel or carbon steel can be choice in China foundry.

Automobile Parts Casting

Cast Iron Counterweight Casting

Counterweight  include Elevator Weihgts, forklift Weights, Stage Weights, Scaffold Weights, Pump Jack Weights, Door Weights, Test Weights, Crane Weights, Box Fabrication, Balast & Fill, Kits & Assemblies, Stack & Weld, Steel Fabrications & Weldments, Frame Weights, Marine Weights .

Machinery Fittings Casting

Wrought Iron Fence Fitting

Fence accessories are generally made by sand casting or investment casting method, the material can be carbon steel or cast iron. fence fittings is used for gate, fence,handrail and so on. The type include frence, gate, handrail, balusters,bushing, spear and other home decoration.

Machinery Fittings Casting

Construction Accessories

Investment Castings, carbon steel material, hot dipped surface. Thread machining. The castings unit weight is 230g. China professional foundry use water glass investment casting method to make Handrail Railing Accessories.

Machinery Fittings Casting, Products
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