October 31, 2018

Stainless Steel CK20 (SS310)

25%Cr-20%Ni stainless steel.SS310(S31000) is the common grade in standard of ASTM A167 only. The casting grade is named as CK20 (J94202)) in standard of ASTM A743/A743M. The high alloy content of SS310 give good high temperature properties with good ductility and weldability, mainly used for high temperature service, such as heat shields, furnace part and ducting.

The low carbon content is 310S/310H listed in standard of ASTM A240.

Grade 310L in ASTM A240 is a 0.03% max carbon grade of 310, used for special corrosive application.

Casting Quality Industrial provide CK20 (SS310) by sand casting or investment casting (lost wax precision casting) process.

Stainless Steel CK20 (SS310) Similar Stainless Steel Grade:

ASTM/UNS 310/S31000, 310S/S31008; F310
EN 10095, DIN 1.4841, 1.4842, 1.4840, 1.4845(X8CrNi24-21)
BS 310S24, 310S31, 3100C45

Our Services

  1. Sand Casting

    Casting Quality focus on Metal Parts industry, we provide professional service in Metal Casting field.

    Sand Casting is a popular metal form method, are suitable for all materiel, such as grey iron, ductile iron, malleable iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze.

  2. Investment Casting

    also named as precision lost wax casting, mainly suitalbe for carbon steel and stainless steel parts. We also provide grey iron and ductile iron and aluminum and bronze parts by investment casting. It can achieve the best appearance with good tolerance

  3. Shell Casting

    Shell casting method is a good option to replace investment casting and sand casting. the quality is better than sand casting parts, suitable for bulk production.

  4. CNC Machining

    CNC Milling, CNC turning with 5 xix CNC center, we provide precision machining for all castings based on customers design drawings.

  5. CAD Design

    Mechanical Design service based on customers requirement, our software is Solidworks and AutoCAD.

  6. Tools/Mold Design

    Mould design and production will be served for metal casting ad plastic injection industry.  Based on our more than 10 years experience, we supply professional molds for our customers in Europe and North American.

Stainless Steel CK20 (SS310) Description

Stainless Steel CK20 (SS310) Starndard and Chemistry/Mechanical Property:


ASTM A351 Standard Specification for Castings, Austenitic, for Pressure-Containing Parts;
ASTM A743 Standard Specification for Castings, Iron-Chromium, Iron-Chromium-Nickel, Corrosion Resistant, for General Application;
ASTM A167 Standard Specification for Stainless and Heat-Resisting Chromium-Nickel Steel Plate, Sheet, and Strip;
ASTM A240 Standard Specification for Chromium and Chromium-Nickel Stainless Steel Plate, Sheet, and Strip for Pressure Vessels and for General Applications;
ASTM A182 Standard Specification for Forged or Rolled Alloy and Stainless Steel Pipe Flanges, Forged Fittings, and Valves and Parts for High-Temperature Service;
ASTM A276 Standard Specification for Stainless Steel Bars and Shapes;

Stainless Steel GradeCK20 (SS310) Physical Properties
ASTM A743CK200.
ASTM A351CK200.01-0.201.501.750.040.0423.0-27.019.0-22.00.50
ASTM A1673100.252.001.500.0300.04524.0-26.019.0-22.0
ASTM A2763100.252.001.500.0300.04524.0-26.019.0-22.0
ASTM A182F3100.
ASTM A240310S0.082.001.500.0300.04524.0-26.019.0-22.0
310MoLN contain: N 0.09-0.15; F310MoLN contain: N 0.10-0.16

CK20 (SS310) Stainless Steel Mechanical Property WWW.CASTINGQUALITY.COM

Stainless Steel GradeTensile Strength minYield Strength, minElongation, minReduction of AreaHardness, Max
StandardGradeUNSKsiMPaKsiMPa%min, %BrinellRockwell B
ASTM A743CK20J94202654502819530
ASTM A351CK20J94202654502819530
ASTM A167310S31000755153020540.021795
ASTM A240310SS3100875515302054021795
ASTM A182F31075515302053050
F 310H75515302053050


CK20 (SS310) Heat treatment process: WWW.CASTINGQUALITY.COM

Heat to 2000°F [1093°C] minimum, hold for sufficient time to heat casting to temperature, quench in water or rapid cool by other means.


CK20(SS310) is used for fluidised bed combustors, kilns, radiant tubes, tube hangers for petroleum refining and steam boilers, coal gasified internal components, lead pots, refractory anchor bolts, burners and combustion chambers, retorts, muffles, annealing covers, food processing equipment, cryogenic structures.


Good characteristics suited to all standard methods. Grade 310S electrodes generally recommended for fusion welding. AS 1554.6 pre-qualifies welding of 310 with Grade 310 rods or electrodes.

CK20 (SS310) Heat Resistance: WWW.CASTINGQUALITY.COM

CK20(SS310/310S) have good resistance to oxidation in intermittent service in air up to 1035°C and 1050°C in continuous service.
CK20(SS310/310S) is generally used at temperatures starting from about 800 or 900 °C – above the temperatures at which 304H and 321.

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