October 30, 2018

Carbon Steel GS-52

DIN 1681: GS-52 Carbon Steel

Casting grades: GS 52

Metal Type: Carbon Steels

Casting Process: Sand Casting or Lost Wax Precision Investment Casting

Standard: DIN 1681, was replaced by EN 10293-2015;

Werkstoff nummer: 1.0552

Alternating  Steel Grade: ISO3755 270-480; ASTM A27 480-270;  JIS5101 SC480; ГОСТ 977 35Л

Heat treatment: Normalized or Anneal at 880-900 ℃; Temper at 620-680 ℃

The right description is CAST STEEL DIN 1681 GS-52 or CAST STEEL DIN 1681-1.0552

 : www.castingquality.com/casting-technology/casting-material/carbon-steels/carbon-steel-gs-52.html

Steel GradeMaterial NumberCarbon %Manganese %Silicon %P %S %Cr  %Mo %Ni %V %Cu %

The proportion of carbon by mass determined in the cast analysis, and also in the product analysis, at the points intended for fabrication welds shall not exceed 0.25% for cast steel grade GS-38 and GS-45.


Steel GradeMaterial NumberHeat TreatmentReduction of area after fracture %Tensile Strength

Rm Mpa

Upper Yield  Rp0.2,  MpaElongation after fracture (L0=5 d0)

% A

Impact Strength



Impact Strength




1. The testing ambient room temperature.
2. 1MPa=1 N/mm2
3. “+N” means: Normalizing;  +QT or +QT1 or +QT2 means: Quenching(air or liquid) and Tempering.
4. The Yield strength values at room temperature to 0.2% proof strength.
5. The value for Reduction are not relevant for acceptance.
6. Inspact determined from three individual values in each case.

Steel GradeMaterial numberMinimum magnetic 2.5kA/mMinimum magnetic 5.0kA/mMinimum magnetic 10.0kA/m

1. Magnetic properties by agreement at the inquiry and order only.

EN 10293:2015, Steel Castings for general engineering uses

  is the newest revision for generally casting material.

Previous Editions: www.castingquality.com/casting-technology/casting-material/carbon-steels/carbon-steel-gs-52.html

  • DIN 1681: 1924-04, 1929-07, 1942xx-03, 1967-06, 1985-06
  • DIN 17182: 1985-06, 1992-05
  • DIN 17205: 1992-04
  • DIN EN 10293:2005
  • DIN EN 10293 Corrigendum 1: 2008-09
  • BS3100: 1991 www.castingquality.com/casting-technology/casting-material/carbon-steels/carbon-steel-gs-52.html

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