September 27, 2018

Carbon Steel 340-550

ISO3755, 340-550, 340-550W Carbon Steel

Casting grades: 340-550, 340-550W

Metal Type: Carbon Steels

Casting Process: Sand Casting or Lost Wax Precision Investment Casting

Standard: ISO 3755-1991

Similar Grade: GBT 11352 ZG310-570; DIN1681 GS60;BS3100 AW2; ГОСТ 977 50Л

Heat treatment: Annealing, Quenching and Tempering

Steel GradeC %Mn  %Si %P %S %Ni  %Cr %Cu %Mo %V %

1. Ni+Cr+Cu+Mo+V, the sum of residual elements shall not exceed 1.00%

Steel GradeTensile Strength

Rm Mpa

Upper Yield  Re,  MpaElongation


Reduction of area

Z %

Impact Strength



1. Mechanical properties are obtained from 28mm thick standard test blocks.
2. The testing ambient temperature was take as 23 ±- 5°C degree
3. For Grades 340-550 and 340-550w, the casting will have an Re of 260 MPa and an Rm of 500-650MPa, in sectioins from 28mm up to 40mm.

What’s the means “W” in ISO3755?

“W” means WELDABLE GRADE.  For example, 340-550 is non-weldable grade casting materiel, it’s choice of chemical composition shall be left to the discretion of the manufacturer.  But 340-550W is weldable grade, ISO 3755 standard indicate the detailed chemistry for welding purpose. In fact, 340-550 and 340-550W have same mechanical property.

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