Standard U-Bolt

September 10, 2010

Standard U-Bolt

Casting Quality Industrial offers a wide selection of  Standard U shaped bolts, available in a variety of shapes and sizes, grades, and materials. Designed for a multitude uses, U-Bolts can be found around the home, commercial building projects, and industrial building applications.

While a variety of materials are used to manufacture U-Bolts, the most common are carbon steel  and stainless steel.

U bolts can also be used in concrete foundations as framing fasteners so that various objects can be bolted securely in place.  The U shape keeps the bolt firmly in place so that it will not pull free, adding security and stability.

U-Bolts can be used with a crosspiece that spans both threaded arms to make it more secure in specific settings and uses. U bolts are also designed to be inserted through holes which have been pre-drilled drilled or punched or to hang objects from pipes or beams

U-Bolts can be found in the following applications:

U sharp bolt

U sharp bolt

Automotive: Car, Truck, and Trailer Axle U-Bolts-Holding the leaf spring to the rear axle.

Concrete Construction: Square U-Bolts imbedded in concrete and used as anchor bolts

Square bent U-Bolts are typically used for attaching product to a square shaped post.

Round bend U-Bolts can be used for attaching pipe or steel round bar to a round wood or steel post.

U-Bolt Finishes:
Bare Metal (Black), Hot Dipped and Mechanical Galvanizing, Yellow Zinc,Zinc Chromate,Zinc Plating
U-Bolt Threading: Right Hand and Left Hand
Cut Thread from 5-40 to 4” diameter

Roll Thread from 8-32 to 1-1/4″

UNC (Unified Coarse Thread) or UNF (Unified Fine thread)

ACME thread profile for high Custom Threading

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