The sand casting Comparison

December 25, 2009

The sand casting Comparison

The processes comparison : Green against  Resin and Sodium Silicate and Dry Mould Casting compare.

Most parts are made by green and resin processes, especially cast iron parts. Some steel parts are manufactured by process.

processProduction MethodOrder QuantityQuality PriceWeight Range (reference)
Green is better for cast iron, carbon steel and light alloy aluminum copper alloymaking mold by handssmallerpassno requirement
making mold by lift-machinemorenormalunder 20kg
making mold by simple machinemiddlesuperiorunder 30kg
making mold by Auto molding linelargerexcellenceunder 100kg
Resin is better for cast iron,normal for steel and stainless steelbakingsmaller and middlesuperiorover 5kg
no bakingsmaller and middlesuperiorover 10kg
no baking by production-linelargersuperiorover 30kg
Sodium silicate bonded better for steelbakingsmaller and middlenormalover 5kg
no bakingsmaller and middlepassover 10kg
dry mould casting better for iron and light alloybakingsmaller and middlepassover 50kg
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